DT re-uploads entire database periodically

DT seems to upload my entire database periodically. This is quite annoying as it usually happens after I’ve made some updates like adding a dozen or so items, moving some stuff around, or some such. Rather than just making those changes to the database and uploading those changes to the remote datastore, it seems to be re-uploading the entire database.

Re-uploading the entire datastore involves uploading tens of gigs of data and thousands of items, over a relatively slow connection. This effectively breaks my mobile devices until the upload is complete and then I have to allow my mobile device time to update before they’re usable again. In the case of my phone, I allow the entire database to sync so that it’s available even when off-line in remote areas.

Is there some way to mitigate this headache? DT is great, but this situation repeatedly hindering my work has me wanting to consider other, possibly more efficient options. There simply has to be a better way to keep the data in sync without needing to re-sync the entire datastore due to a couple of dozen updates that, in the case of what I’m dealing with right now, totaled adding less than 5 MB of data to the database.

You mentioned a sync datastore
What sync process do you use?

I use an iCloud (CloudKit) sync datastore
so there’s two independent processes;
. a Mac syncing to/from the datastore
. an iPad syncing to/from the datastore

Welcome @NXaw2UpZ
You haven’t provided enough information to make an assessment, e.g., what kind of sync method as @DTLow asked.

In DEVONthink, hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

iCloud (CloudKit).

In what way might the sync datastore be causing this issue?

It seems more of a client-side data management issue to me, like tracking which files need to be synced. But I’m not incredibly familiar with the backend processes that take place during a sync, nor how these things are tracked internally by DT.