DT should remember cursor location in Markdown documents

  1. Edit a markdown document
  2. View it as rendered HTML (Alt-Cmd-P, or click the ‘Best Alternative’ button)
  3. Return to editing as text (Alt-Cmd-P again)
  4. Cursor has moved to the beginning of the document.

This behavior makes editing and previewing Markdown documents much harder than it should be, because the user must scroll through the document and manually find the part they were editing before the preview. I suggest that DT should remember the cursor location, just like it does for other types of files (e.g., RTF).

Note that DT does remember the cursor location if the file is kept as text. It’s only when switching to ‘Best Alternative’ and then back to text, that causes it to be forgotten.


P.S. Using DTPO 2.7.6

Thanks for the bug report, the next maintenance release will fix this.

Awesome – thanks!