DT sorter kills my "c" key

I just discovered that running DT sorter (within DT 2.1) breaks my lower case “c” (Capital C would still work), which is very annoying.
The only solution I found so far is to shut down DT sorter.
Do you have another fix?


I would imagine that if the Sorter were killing the ‘c’ key, the forum would be swamped with users reporting the problem. More likely is that there is a shortcut conflict with another application and/or the shortcuts assigned to the Sorter. As a suggestion, check to see what shortcut keys you have assigned to the Sorter (DEVONthink Preferences>Sorter). It might be worthwhile to clear the shortcuts entirely and see what happens. The DEVONthink Safari clipper also uses the ‘c’ key with a modifier-you might want to disable the shortcut (Safari preferences) for the clipper to see if that helps.