DT suddenly asks, and then doesn't accept, my registration

Posted this initially in the wrong place.

Today I automatically opened DT 2.06 when I used the dashboard note taker. It asked me for my registration. Which was odd, as I have been using it since mid December. When I cancelled that, it asked me about the update to 2.07. I went ahead, downloaded, thinking this might fix the bug.

After it installed it asked for my registration. So I went to my registration email, clicked on the license code, and it brought up the registration window. However,even after filling it out, it only highlights the “cancel” or “purchase” button. No “register”, which is grayed out.

I’ve tried restarting, rebuilding permissions.

So I’m not even in Demo mode. I’m locked out of my own database!

I am on a deadline. Is there anything I can do?


The first thing to check is to ensure that the edition of DEVONthink that you are trying to use matches the edition that you purchased. It would not be unusual for the app to run in trial mode since December as DEVONthink has a 150 hour non-continuous trial period.

If that doesn’t work, opening a support ticket including all your purchase/license/edition info would be the logical next step.

Please see my reply by email.