DT Sync does not work with self signed certificate

I have a self signed certificate on all my servers, including the one I use for Webdav syncing.

This means in a browser it will pop up saying its not trusted and give me the option of visiting the site anyway.

In DT sync, if choosing Webdav over https, it just does not work, it just closes the sync window, I dont get asked if I want to proceed.

So seems we cant use self signed certificates? I would not want to purchase a SSL just for my Webdav.

So I am now concerned the sync process is not secure, or encrypted? Or does DT encrypt it anyway?


If I remember correctly, this is fixed in the next release of DEVONthink. If you’d like, you can open a support ticket and I’ll provide you with a copy for testing. You can also add the certificate to your keychain and choose to always accept it as valid.

EDIT: And of course, the transactions are encrypted when appropriate.

Oh great, sounds good. I can probably wait. It was for when I am on a public wifi connection, I did not want to use DT because of the sync, I was concerned it was not encrypted. I shall wait for this fix.


Just to double-check, are you running DEVONthink 2.5.2?

Is support for self signed certificates for syncing with webdav over HTTPS in 2.6.1? I’m getting told “Could not verify the store structure (unauthorized).”, but this sounds like a different problem…

For anyone else experiencing this issue, please open a support ticket; I’m trying to narrow down the possible causes for this. There’s one solution so far that I know of, but I don’t know if it works under all circumstances.