DT sync to multiple sync stores?

I’m happily using DT on my Mac, iPhone and iPad, syncing using Dropbox. Works perfectly.

But now I also need to sync my databases to another Mac that only has iCloud access (corporate policy … argh). My initial thought was to switch from Dropbox to iCloud for all sync needs, but I just noticed that DTTG doesn’t (yet) support iCloud sync on mobile.

The only solution that occurs to me is to sync my Mac databases twice: once using Dropbox to sync with iPad/iPhone, then again using iCloud to bridge between my two macs.

To be honest, this creates “Danger, Will Robinson!” thoughts in my head, even if it were possible. So, my question is: is it possible? Is it robust? Am I mad?


Not only possible, but advocated due to Dropbox’s API only allowing one logged in account. If you have a personal and professional Dropbox account, you can’t use both simultaneously. In that case, you can use one Dropbox account and another Sync method.

To add to the “black magic” that exists with Devonthink syncing…

You can also sync those same databases directly (wired or wireless) when the internet is down or not available and also setup to sync via dropbox. When they say multiple sync’s for a database they mean it.

Kudos to this team for thinking through all these use cases!


This is nice for you to recognize as it’s bigger than people think. These are the facts…
Dropbox allows you to sync to Dropbox.
Evernote allows you to sync to Evernote.
Box to Box, etc.
You can’t say, “I’m going to sync my Dropbox with CloudMe.” There are technical and REAL financial reasons why this doesn’t happen.

Yet we are allowing Syncing from DEVONthink to these locations (and iCloud for Mac-to-Mac, CloudMe, WebDAV services, as well as local Syncing). You could Import a database from CloudMe to your Mac then Sync that same database to Dropbox. And while we aren’t promising to support EVERY service out there (dangerous idea for us), we are giving you options no one else is. :smiley:

One note: Sync is not transmitting a copy of your database. It is Syncing raw DEVONthink-specific data for use with other devices running DEVONthink or DEVONthink To Go 2. (Sync is also not a backup.)

Hi Jim

I have seen this quote from you a few times and I am intrigued.

Is it correct for me to include that the entirety of the database design and its contents is included in a Sync store but it simply has a format other than .dtBase2?

The format is completely different but the contents are the same and therefore it’s possible to import databases from sync stores.

Interesting - the change in format is to make it more efficient in storage space? Or to make it more efficient in the syncing algorithm?

Each format is optimized for its needs, e.g. you don’t need a search index for synchronizing.