DT To Go Sync - big surprise

I’m using DY since some years time, mostly for convenient OCR & storage so far. Because my working space is limited (500 GB) I recently packed my PDF-files (searchable 250 GB) onto an external HDD drive in order to prepare them for entry into a FMPro DB where I indexed them with DT. All of that worked well.
For an upcoming foreign stay, I wondered, whether DT to go might be useful and I arranged for a Bonjour sync setup (or so I thought). Hitting sync started an hours-long activity about which I learned nothing as it went. Then there came notification that a DT update was available and I accepted and stepped outdoors. After my return the machine was ready for restart. Soon after that Mac OS told me we were running out of space (which I had feared for some time by then), instructed me to abandon all running processes, and I complied. Upon restart I found that I was short of more than 100 GB and both DT DB index files with PDF indices were gone. The external HDD with the PDF files was intact. I do not know more about what happened now after checking my User’s library. The DT-related folders sit there at their previous 40 GB values.
I miss those 100 GB badly. I do not mind reindexing. Could you provide me with a check-list of to-dos before I get on the phone with Apple? Thanking you in advance, Cheers BJJ

Welcome @bjj
In DEVONthink, hold the Option key and choose Help > Report Bug to stat a support ticket.