DT web server security

I may have a use case for DT’s server, but I have questions. I’ll admit in advance they are somewhat unanswerable.

How safe is an Internet-facing DT web server? Not counting foolishness, like setting full read/write permissions for all visitors or guessable passwords, how safe is my data, my Mac, and other machines on my LAN with world plus dog access to a DT login?

Does Devontechnologies use any Internet-facing DT web servers for their own purposes? I’m not asking to access one, just curious if Devontechnologies uses that feature.

Also, what does a DT web server look like to a visitor? Is there a demo system one could browse?

To cover the bases, I’m responsible for my machine’s health and safety, not anyone else. I’m a big kid and am solely responsible for my actions. It would be insane to blame Devontechnologies for either my stupidity or the unpredictable.

I’ve also heard of backups. :slight_smile:

I’d say as safe as any internet facing service. Run it over https, make it accessible only via VPN, choose a good password, use 2FA if you can.

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Another safeguard would be to make a bootable USB, which is just a few mouse clicks, copy the DT database there, and boot the USB.

My internal disk is encrypted. I don’t think anyone is going to be able to read it. If a hacker were able to run the Disk Utility and format it, I have confidence at least one of my multiple backups would be readable.

Https, for sure. I’m not certain I can get my potential collaborators to set up a VPN, but I can always try.