DT won't index DA archive

Installed DA 2.3 and DT pro 1.5.2 in application folder of MacBook pro with leapord. each app sees each other’s services. when I try to add DA results to DT it just beeps.

tried to reinstall and restart. Cant index the DA archive database directly form DT.

I want my data!!!

Depending on your Preferences settings in DT Pro, the application might be launching without an open database. If so, it cannot receive data from DEVONagent.

Recommended: Open your main database in DT Pro. Choose File > Database Properties. In Database Properties check the option to make this your default database. Now it will open each time DT Pro is launched, ensuring that data can be saved from other applications.

It’s also a good idea to set Preferences > General - Startup by checking the option to open the windows that were last open on quit. You can set up a " set of view and document windows for your current project.