DT workflows using Hookmark

Does anyone use Hookmark along with DEVONthink? Would you share your workflow? I like how quickly I can create bookmarks with Hookmark. I’d love to know a seamless way to also share with DT. I realize there is the Share extension “Add to DEVONthink” but I’ve had mixed success with this method.

A forum search for Hook or Hookmark should return quite a few posts indeed.

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@Andrew_Glaser, I’m using Hookmark with DEVONthink in the context of a Zettlekasten (Luhmann’s note filing system) using Markdown. Hookmark just updated to v.5 today so these comments apply to that version. Select two notes to be linked, drag those notes to the Hookmark context window to link them. Select which one of the notes you want to be the “upstream” note and type the name of the downstream note in the upstream Markdown note. When completed, you’ll see that the Hookmark link to the “downstream” note appears as a clickable link in the upstream note. Do the same thing for the downstream note by entering the upstream note’s name in the downstream note and that link will appear accordingly in the note itself. This gives an elegant and simple way to connect markdown notes with fewer steps that using the DEVONthink commands of “Insert Link To” and “Insert Item Link.” As a bonus the Hookmark links appear in their proper places in the Document Inspector’s Links pane. Even if you aren’t using DEVONthink for a Zettlekasten this is a nice way to link notes. It also works with .rtf notes.


Hi there, sorry for jumping in, I was wondering how hookmark can be used since DT3 has its custom links as well. I asked support and they say it complements but to what extent they did not elaborate.

As @Andrew_Glaser posted, Hookmark is an alternative to DT3’s linking system, especially if you are not comfortable with the way DT3 does their links. Hookmark can also link to files outside DT3 such as Bookends files if they have been previously linked to DT3. If they haven’t, Hookmark fits the bill nicely. If you are uncomfortable with the relative complexity of internal DT3 links, see this PDF that lays out three ways to make links in Markdown files.

A. Linking Notes Bi-Directionally Overview.pdf (31.5 KB)

Note to DT Developers: DT should seriously consider improving the linking process for people using DT as a Zettlekasten by changing or adding to their linking process something like “Place cursor in upstream note where you want to show link to downstream note” and “Place cursor in downstream note where you want to show link to upstream note” and then alter the Links Inspector to have three panels: [Links from Upstream Notes], [Links to Downstream Notes] and [Links to Other Files].

Note DEVONthink is not a bespoke Zettelkasten application nor does it specifically develop for that use. However, your suggestion is noted, with no promises of course.

Thank you, @bluefrog. Understand that from the devs point of view it is not a (bespoke) ZK app, although from a user’s pov it can be used as an excellent ZK app because of its flexibility and additional features not otherwise possessed by today’s current ZK apps.

That’s nice to hear and part of our plan and success. Don’t be beholden to a particular method, e.g., Zettelkasten, but support core functions that can be used flexibly and adapted to many different scenarios. :slight_smile:

While it might be generic in nature there are some things that are a given and ease of use is not on the high point for DT and for a lot of users which slows adoption of your program… just saying

ease of use is not on the high point for DT

Maybe I lucked out in the path I took through Devonthink.

I started out looking at it as a Finder with extras.

What’s not working for you?

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