DT2.0 "global" Inbox is not global

Loving DT 2.0, but…

Capture page, capture note, and capture link do not save to Inbox, but to whichever folder you are in. This is a serious hindrance. There used to be an option in preferences, as I recall, to toggle this either way. That would be ideal – or failing that, make the “global” Inbox global!

PS Oh, and the same applies to newly created notes: would prefer they were created in Inbox, as default option, rather than scattered all over the place.

The global inbox is not fully implemented yet.

Might I ask how you are doing the captures? Mine always go to the current database inbox (as they should at this point in time).

It happens if I use the “capture page” or “capture note” toolbar icons, or the “capture link” and “capture note” contextual menu item.

On the other hand, the Safari bookmarklets send urls and page captures reliably to the Inbox, as do the “take rich note” etc. services. Also the Jot dashboard widget.

It can depend on what you’re doing. Sometimes I prefer captures be saved in the selected group; other times I’d rather they end up in Inbox. That topic has been discussed quite a bit.

Blame some of this on having almost too many methods of importing/capturing. Some of them are limited in the choice of destination; others are more flexible. It would be handy to have a table of the different methods and their possible destinations since people are often confused trying to figure it out.

Are you using those when browsing in DTP, externally, or both?

Btw, they’re not in the default toolbar and I haven’t been able to find them anywhere else (which would be a UI no-no).

Which implies you’re using them while browsing in DT since they’re only in its CM.

I’m trying to better understand the contexts you’re browsing/capturing in.

The basic rule seems to be:

  1. if I’m browsing in DT, none of the available means of capturing info go to the Inbox – they just go to whatever folder you’re in
  2. anything captured from an external source goes to the Inbox

I just want 1 to behave like 2 – as it used to. I like to bookmark a lot of links for later reading, and in DT 1.x these all went to whatever place I specified in the preferences. Now they’re scattered all over the place.

They really need to fix this pronto. It’s the one thing that’s really a spoiler.

The Services menu capture commands are at least one exception.

Btw, Capture Note (from the CM) always seems to use “The time has come…” for the new document title instead of using the first N characters of selected text.

Possible workaround:

Use the Unread Smart Group to locate captured items regardless of where they’ve been scattered.