DT2.0pb4 and NeoOffice - link issue

Struggling with DT’s links to external text apps: after DT2.0pb2 (and probably pb3) have produced working links in NeoOffice 2.2.5 I find that with DT2.0pb4 and NeoOffice 3.0 the functionality gets lost – clipping an external link from a specific record in DT2 to NeoOffice with DT’s “Edit>copy link item” only produces a raw link in NeoOffice.

Have written in NeoOffice’s forum about this and got the following reply by one of the developers:

I am confident that with a previous Beta of DT and NeoOffice 2.5.5 this was perfectly possible. What has changed? Can anything be done about this?


Exact same issue with Mellel; see the old thread here:

Nothing over here. But the NeoOffice team might have a look at WebURLsWithTitlesPboardType or CorePasteboardFlavorType ‘urln’.

Here a reply from one of the NeoOffice developers that may help explain – or even resolve this?

As it stands the two most versatile Text apps on OSX (NeoOffice and Mellel) don’t seem to handle DT’s external links.
Could this rtf-flavour for URLs be added in DT?

I’m not techsavy enough to help or to even understand who should/could do the necessary moves to make this possible – but it would be great if it somehow happened!


At least Mellel’s developers should be able to support those pasteboard types within a few minutes. Because copying rich text to the pasteboard has the disadvantage that the formatting provided by DEVONthink is used whereas applications like TextEdit use the provided URL, name & current style. Maybe there are additional side effects.

Thanks, Christian, for the clarifications. I left your remark (about the Mellel developers) as an incentive over at the Mellel forum as an update to my neglected post on the same topic.


The Mellel folks have explained to me that Mellel currently doesn’t support external links, i.e. that even if they imported the WebURLsWithTitlesPboardType or CorePasteboardFlavorType ‘urln’ from DT’s link, there is nowhere that they could translate it into.

Similar limitations with NeoOffice, the underlying OpenOffice code doesn’t seem to handle the above information; the rtf flavours that NeoOffice could handle, seem an unlikely development from DT’s side, as explained by Christian. Thus for both apps no direct and elegant implementation of DT’s external links.

The good news is DanZac’s workaround: Copy raw links from DT to either of the above text apps, triple click the resulting text-string and use the service menu’s “Open URL” command – which takes us neatly back to the Devon record the raw link points to. With a keyboard shortcout to the “Open URL” (assign according to your like via the System Prefs) the whole procedure wins a little more grace. Thanks for bearing with me on this, thanks to DanZac.


Thanks, kithairon!

This is a very good workaround. I’ve tried on Mellel and NeoOffice–and yes, indeed: it works very well. (Interestingly, OpenOffice–NeoOffice’s cousin–doesn’t handle the Services Menu very robustly–and the “Open URL” service does not work. Sigh.)

Thanks again. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. =)

Thanks for this workaround.
Fortunately it’s working in Pages, too.