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Hi there,

I’m currently using DT2 Pro Office. Since I’m on the go frequently, I have my iMac running with DT2 and activated server (just in case) most of the time, so I can peek into my data from everywhere.

Now I read, that I can’t upgrade Pro Office to the ‘new Pro’ without losing the web-interface feature. Is that correct?

I can live with the restricted seats (somewhat), but the missing web-ui would be a problem (it was one of the reasons I switched from Filemaker Pro to DevonThink years ago). But since I don’t use the server-feature regularily, I’m not sure it is really worth 400$ (for me), which is the upgrade price (I haven’t seen an upgrade price from Pro Office to Server).

Can I upgrade my Macbook (which I work mainly on) to DT3 and keep DT2 + server on my iMac AND have them sync my data?

You can upgrade DEVONthink Pro Office to DEVONthink 3 Pro or to DEVONthink 3 Server but only the server edition includes the web interface.

If you use only 2 Macs, then the license after upgrading can be used in both version 2 & 3 and will use both seats. But is the server actually necessary if the Macs are synchronized anyway?

I haven’t seen an upgrade price from Pro Office to Server

et al:
Upgrade pricing can be seen by selecting the Purchase command under the menu item for the edition of DEVONthink 2 you’re running.

For example, DEVONthink Pro Office > Purchase.

thx for the info…

For syncing the Macs it’s certainly not necessary. But - as I wrote - I’m offsite frequently and my wife is most often on a Windows PC. There are also other reasons, why the included web-service is helpful at times (e.g. if you want to grant access to your tax-accountant to some documents, etc…). Not quite often, but better be prepared than bitten :wink:

and my wife is most often on a Windows PC

Your poor wife… :cry:

Indeed :sunglasses:

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After thinking about the upgrade for a bit (and reading some other threads), here’s the outcome:

I was not sure if I should post this, as there already were some related discussions on the forum, but I decided to post it anyway, so developers may better understand indivudial (subjective) concerns:

I’m really inclined to switch to DT3, to either support the development and because I like new/refreshed tools :slight_smile: (although I really dislike the 2 Macs limitation, but could live with it, because it was convenient when experimenting with different setups, virtual machines, etc… in the past without considering any license-restrictions).

But along with this limitation, comes some more costs:
The - formerly included - webservice now has a huge price-tag (more than the full DT Pro version - ON TOP!).

Additionally I can’t use my old DT2 license any more.

Together with the seat-limitation this makes the upgrade somewhat unattractive for me.

If the server-seats were on top of the regular DT pro, that could be a deal, but although the price is significantly higher for the server-version, it also immediately ‘steals’ a seat. (E.g: If I buy the server-version to run on a headless MacMini - just for the sake of keeping the webservice - it still counts againts the included ‘2 seat’ license; So I can’t use it as a ‘server’ version, but as a regular DT pro allowing me to share data over the webservice.)

That means, if I want to update my current installation and run the webservice on a spare Mac (Mini) for convenience:

DT Pro Server: 499$ / 399$ (upgrade price)
additional seat: 99$
Devonthink to go: 15$
DTTG in-app purchase to pro: 8$

plus taxes (over here in Germany): 87,26 €

560 € ~ 620$

This is the price only for the update for me (1 person), to run DT3 like I ran DT2.

So, for me as individual (no big company behind) - that’s quite a bit (too much as it seems).

I believe the two-seat limit also applied in DTPO2, although it may not have been enforced. I know I purchased a second DTPO license back then because I wanted to run a server on a third machine.

The license of version 2 was a single-user license - you could use this license on as many computers as you’d like but nobody else should use this license. As this wasn’t enforced by us, this could be abused of course (and was unfortunately a lot).