DT2 vs DT3 different search results same database?

I downloaded the DT3 beta to assess its features and functionality prior to purchasing; however I just noticed that i get very different search results from my copy of DT2 office pro.

Using the exact same search terms, I could not find the document I was looking for in DT3; whereas, in DT2 it was one of the first or second search results.

Apologies if this something that has been explained already.

Which search term did you actually use? A screenshot of the search settings of both versions would be useful too. Thank you!

Here are the results from DT3 beta:

And here are the results from DT2 office pro. The first hit is the document that I was looking for.

According to the screenshot you’re searching only in one database, does selecting the scope “All Databases” fix this?

Which version are you referring to? In DT3 the tabs show “search in all databases” and “Work Library”

which is where the document is found.

I did some further scrolling down the results in DT3 and found the document at the 12th spot. In DT2 it is the first one.

The results of version 3 are probably not sorted by score (the last used sorting is now remembered).

You mean that score sorting has been added since I downloaded the beta?

All betas supported it but on the screenshot sorting by name is selected.

In DT3 the tabs show “search in all databases” and “Work Library”

A slight correction: There is no and here. There is only one search scope, in this case it’s either All Databases or Work Library. You have chosen Work Library, so that’s where it’s searching.

Ok thanks for that info, I also figured out the small score tab to make the document appear first. As in my last post…so many features to be aware of.

Thanks for your help.

No problem :slight_smile: