DT2GO & ios7

Anyone else having problems with ios7? I can’t sync with my mac anymore, the iPad & iphone crash half way through sync. I’ve reset each, also deleted the app and resinstalled, neither work. I’ve also verified & repaired on the mac, and rebuilt the database. Neither work either. Any ideas? Thanks, Iain

You might want to add to one of these existing threads

How many items do you sync? It could well be also a memory issue as iOS 7 consumes more memory for itself than previous versions of iOS. The network and sync code of DEVONthink To Go should not be affected like this by the update, more the user interface and the RTF editor.

I can’t create new rich text documents since upgrading to iOS7 - every time the system either auto-saves, or I force a save, DT2GO crashes. It looks like plain text, groups, voice, and photos are fine - just rich text seems to be affected.

Had the same problem. Reduced to the essentials what I need to have in DtoG and it did sync; guessing/hoping that the issue will be resolved in future updates or iOS7 and/or DTPO

Same problem for me on my iPad Mini: DT2Go crashes whenever I try to add something in RTF. If I use text for my note, the app performs the way it’s supposed to, syncing to the database on my laptop. I did try reinstalling the app and powering off the iPad Mini. But the result is the same: RTF crashes the app; plain text doesn’t.

I’m having problems with sync. In addition to the duplicates (documented in another thread) I now have updated the DT on the mac per support comment and tried again but now sync won’t run at all. In case it matters I am keeping roughly 4000 items in sync, or trying to.

Same here. DTTG isn’t even finding my DT to sync, since ios7
Unable to do anything, in other words, and all sorts of glitches, duplication, etc.
Every time I close and open DT, it reads all databases as closed, even though they were open when I shut it down.
Major problems between iPad and MacBook Pro.

As a point of information Sync cannot find my iPad, which is NOT on iOS 7 because it’s an original iPad, nor my iPhone which IS on iOS 7. Only change was upgrading my mac DT to 2.7 per support to deal with the duplicates problem. So I am not convinced it’s iOS that’s the issue here.