after updating to IOS7 previews of numbers and pages don’t show up any more.
Will there be an update ?

Pages docs are working for me but not Numbers.

Really hope there is an update soon.

This is really hurting…I hadn’t realised quite how much I use Numbers docs on my iPhone and iPad.

Support Ticket submitted.

I really would appreciate some idea how long a fix is likely to take, so I can decide what action to take.


I’ve done a little testing here. Bottom line is that DTTG on an iPad running iOS 7.x is not compatible with Numbers, Pages, or Keynote.

Documents opened from DTTG to Numbers, Pages, or Keynote will import correctly to those apps, but it is a one-way street. Any changes made in Numbers, Pages, or Keynote cannot successfully be sent back to DTTG. I don’t think this is new with iOS 7.x, but it should be noted and using Numbers – especially – Pages and Keynote with DTTG should be avoided. I recommend iCloud for now – it is generally safe and reliable for transferring documents, even though it is not possible to know what Apple is doing with your data. But iCloud and DEVONthink have no integration, of course

For example, for Pages and Keynote, if I make an example of each of those documents on 10.8.5 running the current version of those apps, sync them to DTTG, and open them in their iPad counterpart apps, I can edit them without a problem. However, if (without changing the document name so that the URL reference for DTTG is preserved) the Pages or Keynote document is “Opened In…” DTTG the changes do not get transferred back to DTTG. The edits are not lost – if you are using iCloud then the iCloud version is correctly updated and the changes are available back on the desktop by opening the document from iCloud in Pages or Keynote as the case might be.

In the case of Numbers: a document created on the desktop, synced to DTTG, then opened in iOS Numbers for editing, closed, and then “Opened In…” DTTG (in Numbers format). The changed document is not reconnected to the instance in DTTG. A new numbers document whose name is something like “094BDD16-C3CB-48A8-AD9A-79FF847CF43A-1.numbers” is created in the DTTG Global Inbox. This is not a real Numbers document – it is corrupt and useless. Once again, the edits are not lost – if you are using iCloud then the iCloud version is correctly updated and the changes are available back on the desktop by opening the document from iCloud in Numbers.

After updating to ios7 on my ipad, I can’t edit a rich text document (either an existing one or a new one) without the program crashing. As soon as I click into the document to type, it’s done. Really hoping the new version is released soon!! I’m tired of the work-arounds and sort of afraid to sync back to my database until a new version is released… Hurry, guys!

I have had a reply from Support to my ticket:

[i]"Dear Michael Boreham,

As you may know we are already working heavily on DEVONthink To Go 2. Here in our labs it already displays also Numbers documents.

We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions."[/i]

Since no timescale is mentioned I have got to assume it is not in the next few days.

So I have had to stop using DEVONthink Pro Office and DTTG altogether at least for now. I have exported all my DEVONthink documents out of the databases, so that I can sync with my iPads and iPhones by another means.

I will revaluate the situation when DTTG 2 is released.

It is not as if iOS7 was released without warning. Just about every other iApp I use has been re-issued for iOS7 compatibility. I assume the DT team were part of the pre-release testing.

That’s interesting. Here in my labs it not only does not display Numbers documents – it destroys them. :open_mouth:

Are you beta testing DTTG ver 2 then?

I have just checked. Simply put WebKit on iOS 7 no longer displays Numbers documents. In DEVONthink To Go we are using Quick Look to display them and it works fine here in the labs.

korm, what do you mean it destroys them? In how far? Is it reproducible?

had another response from Support:

[i]"Dear Michael Boreham,

I will go back to work on a few issues in DEVONthink To Go v1 including this one and will post a maintenance update in the next one or two weeks, depending on how long it takes to fix them.

We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions."[/i]

Answered above. (Not sure what “In how far” means.)

So you say that simply viewing a Numbers document destroys it?

No. It says that transferring it to DTTG destroys it.

Look, this may be an iOS 7 and/or iWork issue.

A DTTG v1 maintenance update is welcome news indeed!

The issues described in this thread, and especially the frustrating failure of URLs in notes captured on iPad to sync back to the Mac, are crippling my use of DT.

DTTGv2 will be nice when it’s ready. But after these many months of waiting really need something now that does just the basics on the iPad… or reluctantly will have to find some other platform.