DT3.04 Pro Option clicking words - bug or expected behaviour?

Very useful feature, thank you. However, in this paragraph I want to search: s.205(1). Clicking searches 205. Even when I use the mouse to highlight s.205(1) the search is 205. To search as I want I need to manually copy and paste the entire s.205(1)

“However, an agreement for a lease exceeding three years is not an assurance of property or of an interest therein and is consequently not a conveyance; nor is an oral lease a conveyance as defined by s.205(1) of the Act. In order to constitute a demise, the lease must grant a right to the exclusive possession of the lands or tenements for a determinate term.”

Development would have to comment on this, but you can select the string, Control-click and choose Search Selected Phrase.

Option-clicking currently only uses the clicked word. You could also use the contextual menu to search for selected text.

Thank you.