DT3.0beta3 - column view another issue

This is definitely a bug, surely? I attach screenshot

On the right hand side I have ‘shot’ the items selected for the columns. But ‘SOAF’ is not showing on the preview. When I deselect ‘SOAF’ and select again, not only does it not make any difference but also ‘Timetable 2 despatch’ is removed from the preview. When I deselect ‘Timetable 2 despatch’ then reselect it appears on the preview and so does ‘SOAF’ but ‘SOAF’ is still not on the preview.

Incidentally, regarding ‘Size’ column showing when not selected, I have found that clearing all still shows ‘Size’ on the preview.

Does this persist after quitting and relaunching DEVONthink?

Yes it does.
Also, when I select SOAF it’s not shown on the preview, Timetable 2 despatch is shown instead. I have checked the c/m and the respective Identifiers are the same as the c/m names.

Was SOAF created by duplicating Timetable 2 despatch ?


I have just created SOAF1 and soaf2 in case there is a bug in the first. When adding either to the column view in the database inbox they show but when I select a folder they are gone and when I go back to inbox not in that view either. (Workspace comment deleted*)

Is it possible there is a limit on the number of columns?

  • posted too soon. After updating the saved workspace, quitting DT3 and open again and select the same workspace, the SOAF1 and soaf2 columns, together with Timetable 2 despatch have all disappeared from view.