DT3.1 Pro - Generic / Custom Metadata font and colour

Despite having a 27" iMac with 5K retina, I find the font size too small for my weary eyes, also the grey colour is too light. Is it currently possible or would it be possible please in a near future release for Preferences to incorporate a View Metadata Text Size drop list for different sizes and a View Metadata Text colour choice with a bold option.

(First eye test I’d had in about 20 years, my eyes were tested in July this year and found no need to change the lens in my spectacles that I only wear for driving. The weariness comes principally from iPad use under poor lighting conditions, rather than the iMac I got my eyes into a state to pass the eye test simply by not using the iPad for two weeks beforehand and minimising use of my iphone (which I do anyway).

Where exactly?


Thanks for the screenshot! That’s identical to all other inspectors actually but it’s not possible to customize this. Maybe the settings System Preferences > Accessibility > Display and System Preferences > Displays > Display > Resolution > Scaled are an option?

Noted, thank you.
I’ve enabled ‘Increase Contrast’. I’ll see how I get on, maybe disable it when my eyes become less weary.

A large 5K screen is not necessarily easier to read - it depends on the resolution you choose.
If you choose a scaled resolution and one of the options toward the “Larger Text” setting, then text will be larger for all apps, not just DT3.

I have tried that, thank you, but both larger texts are too large. Is there a way to scale the text to suit?

Then try one of the 3 smaller sizes - surely one of those will work

Beyond that, you can enable Hover Text in Catalina

I have tried all the sizes. Eyesight weariness is only temporary

Unlikely I’ll upgrade to Catalina for some months yet. I have too many apps that aren’t compatible.

I do not recommend this app to others, but it works for me in the last 6 months (4k 32 in external mon) with some trade-off. HOWEVER, any utility app that changes the preference at system level are exposing users to some risks. I think there are a handful of apps that can manipulate system-level settings, but I haven’t tested them. Finally, I always have my anti-virus app turned on.

Example of trade-off:
The font size is enlarged, but some of DT’s fields have fixed height, therefore some texts cannot be shown completely. Custom meta data at the inspector bar is the most affected area in DT3. But TinkerTool makes system-wide changes so other apps might be affected, too.