DT3.3 column view custom metadata - bug?

On the attached screenshots, one is of the columns I have selected, the other of the columns in the view.

As you see, the column ‘Timetable 1’ is not showing in the view. (Also ‘Size’ is but i have posted about that separately.). I have a 27" screen and have stretched the view to the maximum width.

Thanks for the bug report! Additional details, e.g. steps to reproduce this, would be appreciated.

Please ignore the op, the screenshots are misleading, this is the repost:

In custom metadata, I find that when I rename the metadata (whether the original or a duplicate) the Identifier does not change. The only way I find is to remove/delete the c/m item and add a new one with the correct name. Although on c/m it states the Identifier cannot be modified, I suggest it should be made clear in Help (if not already) that renaming will not change the modifier (although presumably it ought not make any difference?).

Now that I have redone the c/m (to match the name with the Identifier), that issue is resolved.

The only issue otherwise is the presence of the unwanted ‘Size’ column which as you can see from the attached two screenshots continues regardless.

ps - Just noticed that the SOAF column that is selected in the list isn’t showing in the preview pane so that’s a issue too.

Beta 4 should fix this.