DT3.3 open externally icon

In customise toolbar there’s an icon text ‘Open Externally’. Dragged onto the toolbar, the icon text displays as ‘Text Edit’.

However, when the item to be opened externally is a pdf clicking the Open Externally opens in the user’s choice of app - I use Acrobat Pro XI.

I guess that what app the Open Externally opens in responds to the file format of the item to be opened. but I find it confusing for the OE icon to pre-empt. Is there a way to turn off what amounts to an automatic chooser?

Did you customize a document or main window? The label should be updated depending on the selection and this seems to work as expected.

Main window.
Just noticed using DTOP that I’d never noticed before that the icon text automatically responds to the format of the entry. I hadn’t noticed because the icon in DTOP is bigger and colourful and spread out, whereas in DT3 the icon is smaller contained and ‘dull’.

Could you please post a screenshot? In addition, is the label of the toolbar item ever renamed or does it only fail in case of PDF documents? Finally, which version of macOS do you use? Thanks!

No need, understand now, apologies, sorry to bother.