DT3 beta - custom pop-up date

On the info menu (bar?) under custom and date and the pop-up calendar, the default setting is 01/01/2001. On clicking the calendar drop-down, the pop-up displays the current month and days. Move the pop-up month to say January 2019, click a day and the custom date changes. Open the pop-up again and click the middle icon for ‘today’ and the calendar remains at January 2019 which means having to manually click the forward icon to get to April 2019. Would it be possible please to ensure the middle ‘today’ goes to today’s date?

I appreciate that the custom date can be changed by using the up-down rocker for each part of 01 / 01 / 2001 but that’s a separate matter.

This button is actually part of macOS’ date control and jumps to the selected date, not to today. It works the same e.g. in Reminders.

Noted, thank you.:smile: