DT3 beta - how reliable

I realise that DT3 is beta and therefore not necessarily ‘stable’ (if that’s the right word’) but I’m wondering what risk I’d be taking if I were to import my daily use databases from DT Pro Office? I have 2 such databases, total size approx 3GB (mostly text).

Having had DT3 open at the same time as DTPO and discovered that entries via the sorter were going into DT3 (which is why I couldn’t find them when I looked in DTPO!), I’d rather like to get the hang of DT3 for my purposes whilst it is ‘free’ so to speak, so that when I upgrade little or no time would be wasted on a learning curve.

Also if I do decide to import as above, can I also import using drag/drop (copy/paste) the content (circa 100MB) of the DTPO Global Inbox to the DT3 Global inbox.


Everyone’s going to have an opinion on this but I personally don’t suggest using mission-critical or production data with beta software.
I also suggest using an isolated User account.

Also, it’s my job to advocate safe practices.

Also, this is a beta test not an “early access program”, so the point is to be not just working with it but to be finding and reporting bugs, etc.

Any preferred sub-forum to report 3.Beta bugs? Or are we to send them through the Support channels, and not post to the forum at all?

Thank you. I’ll stick to DTPO pending.