[DT3] Configurable Mark as Read


Hi there,

maybe it’s already implemented. I’m looking for a way to tell DT3, that it does not mark selected items as read immediatly. Can I set it to manually or enable a delay?


No, this isn’t possible. Just wondering but wouldn’t another option (e.g. flag, label or custom meta data) also work?


Read is essentially viewed. DEVONthink would have no knowledge of whether you’ve actually processed the information in the file, just that it was looked at.

I’d suggest using the Reading List if you’re quick skimming and want to come back to things later.


Thanks for your answer. How do I access the reading list on iOS?


There is no Reading List in DEVONthink To Go (and there was no mention of it in your original post).

Following something similar to Criss’ advice, you could tag the files and add the Tag to your Favorites in DTTG.


Thanks for the tip. As tagging requires many steps in DTTG I now use the flags, because I can add them with swipe and tap. :wink:

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