DT3 crash on opening PDF in new tab

I attempted to open a PDF in a new tab from a link on a web page open in the main DT3 window. Crashing was not expected behavior. It may be of relevance that despite setting Preview as the system default, DT3 insists on trying to use Adobe Acrobat Pro (Creative Suite) to display PDF files contrary to system settings and much to my consternation. All PDF files open as expected in Preview except in DT3. Usually DT3 just stalls, the lollipop spins, and I have to force quit the application. This behavior seems connected to PDFs stored on external servers and opened in DT3 via a URL.

It’s highly recommended to deinstall the Adobe Acrobat Internet plug-in, it’s not compatible to WebKit applications and can crash them. Actually a warning should be logged to Windows > Log each time you launch DEVONthink.

Thank you. That fixed that. I can only hope that Adobe Creative Suite does not surreptitiously reinstall the plugins. The Adobe AAMDetect plugin is recently installed, I presume by the suite. Any concern with that plugin? Are any other plugins of concern, Mathematica?

Only the Adobe Acrobat plug-in causes issues.