DT3 Custom Metadata - Single-line Text

Rather than have to go only to Preferences, then select Data, then scroll down a list of Custom Metadata then click the identifier in order to add a value to Type: Single-line Text, would it possible please for DT3 to also have an edit facility in the custom meta pane so that values could be added, deleted, etc direct without, as I’ve said, only via Preferences?

Edit could be positioned at the foot of the drop-down list of values.

I use Filemaker Pro 15 and its dropdown box for value lists have an edit facility.

It’s not necessary to define default values in this case (contrary to sets) - without any predefined values DEVONthink remembers the last entered values for autocompletion.

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Noted, thank you but how do I go about demonstrating that? For example, I have typed ‘Conflict of interest’ (without the ') into the custom meta field. On the next entry, I’d expect autocomplete to kick in the moment i type in c but it doesn’t/hasn’t.

Are you saying that autocompletion only works if there are no predefined values at all?

Exactly. The predefined values of single-text data are used for autocompletion, otherwise the last used values.

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Yes you are. I’ve now deleted all the predefined values and sure enough each last entered value is autocompleted. Click the dropdown box also displays the list of values.

ps - so would I be right in thinking that entering the values via Preferences is more suited to fixed entries in the Type: Single-line Text?