DT3 Database on Cryptomator drive


I am trying to save my DT3 database on a cryptomator drive located on iCloud.
After copying my DT3 database into the cryptomator drive I am unable to add files (PDF) to my database.
Every time I add a file to the database I get an error like this:

... konnte nicht kopiert werden, da du nicht über die erforderlichen Zugriffsrechte für „0“ verfügst.

Using finder I could copy the file into the folder inside the DT3 database package.
Under system settings → security I have granted all access rights to Devonthink.

Cryptomator is using Fuse.
Anything I could change so I could use my DT database from the cryptomator drive?


Why are you putting your database in a Cryptomator drive?
This is not something we advocate or specifically support.

Yes. I have seen the warning in log regarding network drives.

Until now I have used an macos encrypted sparse bundle saved in my iCloud drive. But this has the drawback that a lot of 8 MByte chunks have to be synched to iCloud every time there are changes to the database.
Using cryptomator reduces the amount of data to be transferred.

Using a mobile connection this is relevant. For now I am back to the encrypted sparse bundle solution.

Maybe someone could give me a hint, why Devonthink wasn’t able to copy files to its files.noindex folder structure while it was possible to copy files with finder.

Storing databases in a cloud-synchronized folder is highly discouraged and might cause data loss or corrupted databases.