DT3 Default clipping format?


Is there any way to change the default format in the webclipper? I’ve notice that it retains the last type chosen, but if you restart the app and/or reboot the computer it falls back to “Web Archive”.

It’s possible to change to other option?

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No, this is not possible at this time. The request is noted.

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Yup! I have mentioned this too. Pls bring back default/behaviour as DT2.

Another setting that falls back to its own is the Smart Group. If I set it to view “by date added” next time I open DevonThink it goes back to “by date created”

Another vote for being able to set a persistent default clipping format. I keep finding it reverting to web links when I almost always want PDFs for offline viewing and annotation.

The Sorter remembers the last used format and last used location.

But not when I just closed the app and reopened?

Development would have to assess this.