DT3: Delete (and reorder) pages from Document

Just switched to DT3. After scanning, I wanted to remove the back sides of the scans.
In DT2 there was a thumbnail list of the document pages where I could select pages and reorder or delete them.
I can’t find how to activate the preview thumbnails and also could not find any other way to delete (and reorder) the pages. Can someone point me to what I’m missing, please?


According to the excellent user manual (also available “in app”):

Navigating PDF documents can sometimes be difficult when you are just scrolling through endless pages of documents. The Content Inspector shows two views, similar to what you see in Apple’s Preview application: Table of Contents and Thumbnails.

If you view thumbnails you should be able to delete unwanted pages by using the backspace key.

You can access the Content Inspector by pressing ⌃5.



Thanks for the hint. I already was into all inspectors but missed there’s a sub-switch in there for different modes.
Will read the handbook! :slight_smile:

Just noticed a little trick - you can use the mouse to select 1 or more pages in the Thumbnail view and then you can drag those anywhere you want in your Mac finger or you can drag them to iMessages. That is a really convenient way of sharing a small set of relevant pages (complete with annotation if you wish) with a colleague, client, etc. Extremely useful.

One caveat however - it is perhaps too easy to hit the backspace and delete a page in a document as above. A confirmation to delete might be a desirable feature.

Since upgrading to DT3, after I figured out how to view thumbnails, I’ve been trying to re-order and delete pages, and delete is always greyed out and re-ordering always snaps back.

Is the newly scanned file locked and is there a way to default to unlocked? Or is it a different problem altogether?

Sorry I’m no expert as I’ve not had to manipulate pdfs in that way. I merely consulted the extensive manual and quoted from it, I’m afraid.

However, if I:

  • ensure a pdf is selected;

  • start the Content Inspector (⌃5); then

  • highlight a page in the thumbnails and right click

I get options to split/delete, etc.

You can find out if a file is locked by using highlighting the file and using the Generic Inspector (⌃1) and checking to see if the padlock icon is highlighted. (Sometimes I find it easier to right click on the file name and see whether Mark > As Locked is checked.)


Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the suggestion. I checked and it’s not “locked”.

The problem of not being able to delete or rearrange seems to be with every PDF I’ve scanned in since upgrading to DT3. I just looked at some old multipage documents and the ones from before my upgrade are editable.

  • Greg

Does this occur in one database or all?

It seems to be all databases and only new scans. I usually scan them into the main inbox and drag them where they need to be. I can double click and open the document in Preview, and edit it there, but after closing it, I still can’t delete or reorder a page.

My most recent multipage scan was directly to a specified database, and I had the same problem there too.

Can you post a screencast of the behavior - or hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket and send the screencast along with it?