DT3 does not detect kind "PDF+Text" correctly

What I did
Dragged a PDF file that was created within MS Word 2010 into DT3.

What happened
The file kind is shown as: “PDF document”, though it is searchable.

What I expected
The file kind should be: “PDF+Text”.

When I do the same action in DT2 the file is recognized as “PDF+Text” immediately. In DT3 it will be recognized as “PDF+Text” only after closing and reopening the Database according to my experiments, but not immediately after adding the file to DT3.

Hello to all,
I can agree with you. Now it happens also with pdf’s which were created by Adobe Acrobat Vers. 9. The imported file, with searchable Text, was shown as Adobe Document and altered as PDF+Text after reopening the database.

I believe this should be addressed in the next maintenance update.

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