DT3 & DTgo sync troubles

I’m relatively new but have had some few months of using both DT3 and DTGO on the iPad. I set up DTGO on the iPad but with some struggles here & there. However, trying the same on the iPhone became difficult. I could not link the same way I did on the iPad. Eventually I just deleted the app on the phone. I keep getting file logs “invalid encryption key”. what should I do?

You must use the same value for the encryption key you used when you first synced.

I thought I did exactly that. Not sure what steps I did wrong

You’re welcome.
Do you have them syncing now?

Nope. I’ll give it another try again tomorrow. its late into the night here in East Africa :smile:

Sounds good. Sleep well :slight_smile:

Best time to be playing with sync issues :crazy_face:

:joy: i should have taken your advice before i got into bed

Now I’m all in-sync with the iPad, iPhone & Mac. problem however remains that I’m still getting those ‘invalid encryption key’ alerts. Not so bad as long as the gadgets are in-sync