DT3 - embedded database groups that appear in all databases

Hi Guys, please can anyone tell me , when you create a database three groups with a little purple wheel appear, 1.all images 2.all pdf docs and 3.duplicates. I recently moved all the files out of the duplicates group and they have also disappeared out of the group I created in the main database, is this normal? is so why does it do this? Thanks for any feedback, it is much appreciated. cheers Stuart

These are smart groups, listing notes that fit a specific search criteria

From Help > Documentation > Getting Started > DEVONthink Simplified > Groups

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yes, the duplicates one seems to populate itself though. Do you why the files elsewhere are moved if all you want to delete
is the duplicates? thanks

If you dragged files out of the duplicates, where did you drag them - to the Trash?

thanks bluefrog, why have the files moved from a group I created in the main body of the database. I do have backups so no data loss thankfully, just wondered why it does this for future reference? thanks

no kept them in a folder in another database called duplicates

If you moved the files from the smart group, they are logically being moved from their locations in the database.

A smart group contains nothing; it merely displays items matching specified criteria.

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ok blurfrog thanks for your help. it will just take some time to put them back where they were. Thankfully I still have all the files. thanks

You’re welcome.