DT3 Feature Request: 2-page word doc preview

Echoing others who are thrilled about DT3–lots of little things that were missing or for which one had to use a 3rd-party editor that are now integrated. One quick question–previewing PDFs one can see either one or two pages at a time; when previewing word docs, however, this isn’t a possibility. Realize this might be non-trivial to do, but was wondering if there would be a way to introduce a 2-up option for word docs? I don’t use them much myself but am dealing with a large stack of word documents I have to read through and assign ratings to.

Word documents are like most third-party file formats displayed via Quick Look but this isn’t customizable unfortunately.

I figured that was likely the case, but figured I’d ask just in case. Really enjoying the update–think you guys hit it out of the park.


Thanks :slight_smile: