DT3 hang and subsequent odd behaviour (bug report sent)

  1. DT3 hung beachballing, with 4 databases open for several minutes. No response to mouse or keyboard.
  2. After force quit, DT reopened with:
  • A generic (no data) splash screen (“Welcome to this application”)
  • No open databases other than global Inbox
  1. After computer restart, DT3 opens with a blank splash screen and no databases open.

Bug report submitted with a spindump and screen shots.

If DEVONthink isn’t terminated properly, then it doesn’t reopen the last used databases/documents (as this could cause endless crashes and did in the past).

Thanks - I guessed as much and I can also see that caches might not be properly maintained.

I just emptied the DT cache (from the app) and ran the Mac system cleanup scripts (daily weekly monthly) from the Terminal and the splash screen behaviour is back to normal - so I guess that’s a cache issue?

No, it’s a WebKit cache and the splash screens don’t use this. A screenshot might help if this should happen again.

Screenshots are in with the bug report.

Thanks as always for the quick reply