DT3 how to delete pages in PDFs?

How do I see all the pages in a PDF together in DevonThink 3? How do I delete pages? I scan in from a Fujitsu ScanSnap printer, and occasionally need to delete pages from incoming scans. It seems like this feature has been removed from DT3, or at least I can’t find it. Thanks.

The option is still there, although it took me a little bit of time to find it in the inspector interface (wasn’t showing as default). You want to highlight the “Content” outline/breadcrumb icon in the Inspectors, which enables the scrolling page previews that are selectable (to rotate, delete). Here’s a screengrab:


That was exactly what I needed. Thank you very much.

Spend some time in the built-in Help, which is also part of the beta test. There are many answers there and a lot of work went into making it a handy reference.

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Thank you, I was searching for that too.
Btw I would really be glad, if there was a “Rotate 180”.

Btw I would really be glad, if there was a “Rotate 180”.

There is… it’s two Rotate 90’s. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Ok, I understand. It’s about shorter Menus. Of course I knew about the hit Rotate 90 twice. I would have preferred an extra rotate 180.
What about one rotate 90 and one 180 and a change the 90 with the alt key?
Just to try it again. :wink:

Nice try! Development would have to assess and decide this, but the request is noted.

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Nice answer! Just a note: it’s not vital. :innocent:

Thank you for the tips all. Is there any reason this delete-page feature, which I consider essential for PDF management, was removed from the main PDF view’s right-click menu, and buried in the Content Inspector? It makes a routine workflow of lime that was frictionless in DT2.x very laborious in DT3…

Welcome @pfc

Inspectors deal with the state of a document and interactions with the document relate to the current inspector. When the Content > Thumbnails inspector isn’t shown, you’re not in the state to modify the pages of the document. When it is shown, you can modify them.

thank you so much for that. Very helpful. I had been opening them in Acrobat to remove pages. This is much quicker and simpler!

@BLUEFROG thanks. I guess I understand the abstraction you’re describing (there are “modes” of interacting with a PDF and you can no longer make changes to the PDF unless you’re in the mode where Content->Thumbnails is visible), but it doesn’t really answer the question: there didn’t used to be this restriction, and is there a reason someone decided that adding it – making it more laborious to edit PDFs – was a good idea? I also notice that the abstraction is leaky; e.g., you can still rotate pages in a PDF or reverse the page order from the main viewer.

The bottom line is that this is, in practice, a major regression for me and my primary workflow, and I don’t understand what the corresponding benefit is for anyone else. Why remove an existing capability if it isn’t causing problems?

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It works exactly like in version 2. Without the thumbnails (no matter wether an inspector or sidebar) it’s not possible. But a future release will probably improve this.