DT3 keeps crashing on Catalina (MacOS 10.15 Beta)

Hey, the release version of DT 3 keeps crashing on Catalina. There’s no way to suspect/anticipate or reproduce it. It just happens ALL the time. Makes it nearly unusable.


Thanks, so I’m not the only one. :slight_smile:

If there’s a beta, I’d be sooo happy to use it. It honestly can’t be worse.

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Does it crash after viewing PDF documents? That’s a severe bug of the latest beta that crashes also e.g. Preview.app.

Have the same problem (DT3 crashing when viewing PDFs).
I’m running DT3 (no Beta anymore) on Catalina 10.15 Beta. Does that mean we’ve to wait for the final release of Catalina. Don’t have issues with other APPs at Catalina, beside DT3.

Welcome @BadWulf

This is a Catalina issue, not a DEVONtech one. Apple introduced a new bug in Catalina Beta 8. We are investigating if we can work around this but it is ultimately an Apple issue.

PS: macOS 10.15 is a ​beta ​operating system. Unless you are explicitly beta testing and reporting, you should not run a beta operating system on a device you need operating as expected.

Thx for the reply. Let’s see how quick Apple will fix it.
And Yes I’m beta testing and already sent the respective report.

Let’s see how quick Apple will fix it.

We hope sooner than 10.15.0

I’ve noticed Safari suddenly crashing too. This beta has a bunch of broke.

Ugh… and sigh, Apple. :roll_eyes:

New Catalina beta is out, and at least after very brief testing, no crash.

Good to hear… (crosses fingers) :stuck_out_tongue:

Same experience. Does appear related to doing anything with pdf.