DT3 locks up with ePub documents

When I single click on an ePub document to view my search results, DT3 locks up for about 2 minutes and becomes completely unresponsive before showing the content. The ePub document is about 188 MB. Is this normal and expected behavior?

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I’d say that a 188 MB HTML (aka epub) where probably most of the sure results from HTML proper, not images and such … Well that might take a moment to render. What happened if you open it in Books instead?

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iBooks uncompress and caches the entire book after first opening. Perhaps is better measure opening with Calibre Viewer.

It opens in 1 or 2 seconds in Books. Mind you, I’m just wanting to see the text hit/results that I searched the database for, and this document hit on. I’m not trying to open it or render it, just see the text results.

Then perhaps it is better you convert into text inside DT and then remove the ePub from DT.

I downloaded the PDF version, and keep it with the ePub version.

That might be the one to search then.

I could imagine that DT is not able to show the text results without rendering it – ePUB is an HTML sibling, so without rendering, you’ll see HTML code. In a PDF (with text layer, of course), the text is already there (so to speak).

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Is the EPUB file publicly available?

Unfortunately, no. It’s a paid ePub document for the Capture One application.

When DEVONthink is stalled, do a Spotlight search for Activity Monitor. Select our application in the list of processes and press Command-Option-S to run a process sample on it. When the sample window opens, press the Save button and save it to your Desktop. Then open a support ticket and attach the hang report for Development. Thanks!

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I think I tried the same process you were describing. I searched for my largest ePub (which is only 44 MB), single clicked to select the result, and DT completely froze up (spinning beachball) for ~10 seconds before rendering and showing the search results in the sidebar (1081 occurrences).

If I single click on the PDF version (73 MB), it takes about 10 seconds for all the occurrences to appear, but I can navigate the PDF, and watch the results building (eventually 1295 occurrences, not sure why the discrepancy, probably related to the conversion).

Single clicking back on the ePub again freezes DT up for about 10 seconds.

Navigating through my database and single-clicking on the ePub renders it almost instantly.

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This is exactly my experience, except that it freezes for much longer! I almost force-quit DT3 because it took so long.

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I grabbed 2 samples, and will open a support ticket.

I have the same issue. Better ePub support was my main reason for upgrading to DT3, but with such long locking time, this feature is more a burden.I am really looking forward for a fix.

Welcome @Nilson

Opening a support ticket, then zipping and attaching a problematic file would be helpful.

Hi Bluefrog, The message from Jun 26 suggests that there is already created a support ticket with samples.
IMHO this problem is not related to any specific epub, but rather its size. A 10 MB ePub stored on NAS is enough to lock up the application.

If it’s 10 MB of almost pure text and search occurrences have to be calculated after a toolbar search, then it’s actually a lot. But the standard view (without searching) shouldn’t cause any larger delays.

More samples and information never hurts.