DT3: Moving columns in a sheet

I’m playing with sheets in DT3. I have created a sheet with multiple columns and populated data.

I’m working in “Best Alternative” view which looks like a spreadsheet. I then want to add a column. I can add a column with either Tools > Sheets > New Column… or go into edit mode on the sheet and click the add column icon. The column is added at the end of the record. I want to move the newly created column so I drag the new column (or any column for that matter) to a new position. All good until I leave the sheet and come back and the columns are back in their original position. I also see that after I drag the new column positions around and open the .tsv file in an external editor, the column positions have not changed.

However switching to edit mode (clicked “Show Edit Bar”) and click the Edit Columns icon I can drag the column labels up and down the list and that does permanently change data in the underlying .tsv file and so the new column positions stick.

Any plan to allow rearranging column positions by dragging in the sheet view?

I did try this in DT2 and see that the behavior is the same, so I guess this would be classified as a feature request.


It seems logical enough, but @cgrunenberg would have to weigh in on this.

This is currently intentional - editing columns can be used to permanently change the order, reordering columns of the sheet view reorders them temporarily (e.g. to easily compare two columns).

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OK, that sounds reasonable, thanks!