DT3 network traffic

Hi all,

I have seen the following network traffic from DT3, especially

and I am wondering if that is by intention or if I only loaded a webpage inside.

Thanks a lot in advance,

It is by intention … of the people behind the web page you loaded into DEVONthink. Or they chose to use Google’s web site search function and did not know or did not care what comes with it.

I never “save” web pages as web pages because they are known to be fleeting. PDFs and other static formats are way more apt for archival purposes and also they don’t bring any unwanted visitors to the party. Assuming that archiving is what you aiming at, of course.

By the way, Little Snitch keeps track of every network connection of an app, not just the recent ones. So if you decide to remove the flea infested web pages as the final step you should erase DEVONthink’s network record in Little Snitch to afterwards see what DT still does connect to.

Yes, use PDFs to avoid all kinds of Javascript based code triggering outside your box.

Thanks a lot all. :slight_smile: