DT3 not importing multi-part emails in .mbox files

I just upgraded from the Standard to the Pro edition to try the email archiving capabilities, but DT3 doesn’t appear to be importing any messages from an .mbox file that are multi-part messages. It just ignores them and brings in the non multi-part files. As a result, I have mailboxes missing hundreds of messages after importing to DT3.

I currently use EagleFiler and it never misses anything from any supported file format, but EagleFiler is slooooow with 200k files and it believes it needs to reindex the library every time I open it. I use DT as a library for tons of PDF files and web URLs, and other than DT3 not fully understanding that exact duplicate files are really duplicates, I can live with it. But importing .mbox files of emails for archival purposes and simply ignoring emails that are multi-part messages is a deal killer :confused:

To add to this, DT3 properly accepts the multi-part files if I drag them one by one from EagleFiler as .eml files. It’s just when they are within an imported .mbox file that it skips them. I’d just drag them from EF as individual or groups of .eml files, but EF seems to convert a drag of multiple files into a text clipping of the subject lines if it’s more than just a few messages. So if it’s not one thing it’s another :confused:

How are you Importing the .mbox file?

I used the Import > UNIX Mailbox command. I first tried using the .mbox that EagleFiler had within its library, and then I exported the .mbox from EF because EF will restructure the .mbox to be “more compatible” on export, but that .mbox didn’t behave any differently. As a test, I imported both of these .mbox file versions back into MailMate and they both imported perfectly with all messages present.

When DT skipped some messages, I opened the .mbox file in BBEdit and examined the messages it skipped, and each and every one was a multi-part file hence the assumption that’s why DT was ignoring them. I’m happy to reduce the .mbox dow to a few offending emails and send them your way.

Again, the multi-part messages transfer fine if dragged individually from EF to DT, if dragged from MailMate to DT, or if I use the Commands > DEVONThink Pro > Add in MailMate to send it to DT. It’s only the .mbox parsing that appears to be skipping them.

Yes, please open a support ticket and attach a ZIP of the .mbox file. (And bear in mind, it’s still the weekend. Thanks)

And bear in mind, it’s still the weekend.

Absolutely, plus it’s the Xmas holidays and the issue is nothing critical. I’m impressed that you take the time to converse over the weekend - it’s very much noticed and appreciated. I’ll thin-out the .mbox and make sure the thinned version still behaves the same, and submit it. Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks for the nice comments. It’s nice to hear!

While we strive to keep a good work/life balance (and I’m the one that struggles with that the most :stuck_out_tongue: ), We also recognize some people only have availability on the weekends. We take our support as seriously as our software :slight_smile: