DT3 Not Recognizing Installed Certificates

I am trying to activate https for the web server using Chrome. (The supplied Devonthink Server certificate works for other browsers.)

I installed a certificate from Network Solutions; as it turns out I had other certificates installed already for other projects.

All of the certificates are set to full trust.

I restarted my computer after installing the new certificate

Yet when configuring the web server, only the Devonthink certificate appears as an option. Why?

Is there a private key for this certificate in the keychain too? See e.g. DEVONthink Server certificate/key for comparison.

Network Solutions did not provide a private key in the set of files - I guess I need to contact them to figure out how to get one.

The certificate should actually work in Chrome:

  1. Click on Advanced:

  2. Then click on “Proceed to …”

Well that’s interesting…

I tried that recently and got an error using Chrome. But somehow that is now resolved and it does indeed work fine on Chrome and other browsers.

This had been my problem - but now the error does not appear.