DT3 Pro - index questions

From the source folder, I should like to index the files (some 30,000 mostly pdfs) to my database inbox - not the DT global inbox. The source folder resides in the iMac desktop Documents folder. When I link to the database inbox, and run it, source folder name appears in the DT3 sidebar and indexes the files in the source folder.

At first attempt, I drag/dropped all the files from the DT sidebar folder into the database inbox then deleted the source folder on the DT sidebar. However, when add some new pdfs to the source folder I run Update Indexed Items, nothing happens. Having checked the link, I discovered the source folder isn’t linked so I’ve relinked it only to find now that some 30,000 files are being linked. Which means there are some 30,000 duplicates.

Q1 - Assuming I’m right in thinking that it’s not possible to move items from the source folder shown on the DT sidebar to the inbox and expect the Update Linked Items to work, the only thing I can think of is that rather than keep all the files in the DT database in its inbox it would be best to put them in the folder that now appears on the DT sidebar. That way the source folder and database would remain linked?

Q2 - Is it safe to move items that are already in the database inbox into a source folder link folder?
Q3 - also put new items added to the database in that source folder link box?

By using the inbox for everything, the plan is to use smart groups.

Q4 - When I create a new smart group, would I be right in thinking that if I specify ‘Search in Databases’ as my search parameter then all the open databases would be searched?

Q5 - And if so how can I confine the search parameter to both the database inbox and the DT source folder on the DT sidebar?

Probably there’s a more succinct way of asking the above questions!


This command can only add items if the enclosing folder is indexed & selected but this wasn’t the case anymore (“then deleted the source folder on the DT sidebar”).

That’s correct, basically you indexed the same stuff twice.

I would suggest to remove all these indexed items from the database and to index the source folder right to the desired database. Afterwards the database should be automatically updated if the folder is modified e.g. in the Finder.


That’s not possible.

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Noted, thank you.

So just to be clear, it is ok/safe to manually add new items to a linked folder even though that folder is linked to a source folder. In other words, a linked folder doesn’t have to be used only for linking.

Indexed folders can be used just like imported ones, the tighter filesystem integration of version 3 updates the indexed folder automatically, e.g. after creating new docs, and also vice versa, e.g. after adding stuff in the Finder.

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Thank you.
I have now deleted the duplicates.