DT3 Pro - sync Dropbox menu bar progress stuck

Ever since I set up a sync, the dropbox menu bar progress has stuck, as per the attached screenshots.

I have reinstalled Dropbox but to no avail. The sync progress was working fine before I set up the DT3.

I have disabled the DT Packet Sync, could that be the reason?

Any suggestions? 16 27

That would be a question for the Dropbox support team.

And yes, you should disable the DEVONthink Packet Sync folder, per our instructions.

This happens to me so and then with dropbox and is not related to DT sync or indexed folders. It happens with very little frequency (two or three times since Dropbox enabled “on demand” sync) and ends having to restart my iMac. Seems it uses a hidden Safari instance to do something, or Safari engages by some manner with dropbox and my iMac ends not being able to kill drobpox and safari and needed a forced power off.

Once restarted all worked fine.

I’m trialing DT3 Pro on an iMac and Macbook Pro. I too find the sync (iCloud in my case) get frozen syncing, but when I check the other machine, it appears that everything has synced completely.

Wecome @scotte
See this…

Thanks for the quick response - I’m not sure what the intent of the window is then showing that it is at 5 of 7 items and stays like that for a long time. I interpret that as it is stuck and the sync / copy action has not completed although it does actually look like the sync / copy action did complete.

Putting my developer hat on, it almost looks like the last update to show completion did not occur or didn’t get processed by the UI before the background worker shut down.

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Development would have to assess and respond to that.

It’s a known issue that will be fixed by version 3.0.1

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