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Having completed an index of a folder of pdfs, I found that I had accidentally left a couple of subfolders of pdfs in the folder that I don’t want indexed. Total items circa 30,000 I should like to start over ie remove all of the indexed files and folders from the database. The quickest way would be to delete the database and create new one. However the database also has some imported items including pdfs in it which I want to keep. How should I go about unlinking the indexed files so I can remove/delete the links?

Two options:

  1. Move the unwanted subfolders to a different location in the Finder. Then do File, Update Indexed Items.
  2. In DT3, move the indexed group to the trash, then empty the trash. You’ll get a dialog asking whether to delete only in the database or in the Finder - select Only in Database. Then structure the subfolders the way you want and index the folder anew
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Noted, thank you.
I shall have a go.

ps - presumably if I move all the items from the source folder (including the sub-folder)to another folder and then do File Update Index Items the update will result in no files at all from the source folder.

Yes - the reindex updates to the latest state of the indexed folder

Another question (related), please.

The source folder contains numerous duplicate pdfs. After I link the source folder to DT3 and in the DT3 database delete the duplicates, would I be right in assuming that when I do File Update Index the duplicates that are in the source folder would return?

If so then I assume that I need to delete the duplicates in the source folder. Which is easier said than done (in terms of time needed) because the main reason for the duplicates is that the titles that I gave to the files differ, even though the file content is same. Even if it possible for Dt3 to be indexed to the file title, not the content, that wouldn’t tidy the database as it would still contain duplicates.

Deleting the duplicates in DT should mean their being deleted in the Finder. I haven’t tried it, so be careful

Thank you.
After posting I discovered that when attempting to delete up pops this warning:

If you choose Files and Folders, the items in DT Trash will be deleted from the Finder. Although it says this cannot be undone, they end up in the Finder Trash, so you can recover them if you made a mistake

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FYI, this warning is NOT popping up with I try to trash an indexed file. Why is that?

Read this: Help > Documentation > In & Out > Importing & Indexing > Indexing and the filesystem > Deleting Indexed Items

Got it - that clarified it. Thank you.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: