DT3 Reading List

I like the Reading List feature in DT3, so want to maximally utilize it but not sure how.

I understand that I can add items into reading list by applying smart rules.

Is there a way to add through web clipper, which I think could be useful?

Is there a way to configure it as Read Later Service to replace Instapaper?

Only via the On Creation > Via Sorter smart rule event.


I agree with the OP. The reading list is great, but the optimal time to add an item to the reading list is when the item is first added. For example, you’re researching some topic on the web and come across a page you want to review later. So you use the clipper to bookmark the item, but now you have to open DT, locate the item in the hierarchy and manually add it to the reading list. This is not a convenient or efficient workflow.

There should be a checkbox in the sorter to also add the item to the reading list.


See this recent post on pros and cons:

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I agree on what this post states, and my main usage of reading list is to save article for future research.

Hi there, if you use Safari then this script might be something for you. If you don’t use Alfred, Keyboard Maestro or the like then it’s also possible to activate the global Script Menu in Script Editors preferences.

If you don’t want to add URLs just as bookmarks to DEVONthink 3 reading list but every kind of record that DEVONthink 3 supports then I recommend this script. Just create a custom shortcut for DEVONthinks menu item which adds to the reading list in System Preferences. Run the script, hit the shortcut and you’re done.

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This works pretty well! Thanks for the script. I was able to run the script, but how to assign a shortcut to it? I don’t find it in System Preference -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Services.

You could use a little app called FastScripts?

I use it to invoke AppleScripts in Outlook – which removed the alternative functionality some time back.
Just assigned another shortcut for the Reading List script, and it works a charm!

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As far as I know it’s not possible to assign shortcuts to AppleScripts directly in macOS. As Cassady mentioned you could use a third party app (I use Alfred, Keyboard Maestro and BetterTouchTool) but it should also be possible to assign a shortcut if you use the script in an automator app. (Didn’t test this but I think I did it this way some time ago.)

However if you want to make use of scripts more often consider a third party app, it really speeds things up and lets you discover new ways to do things on macOS

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If you want to add URLs from iPhone to DEVONthink 3’s reading list try this

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Is there a way to create a smart rule that removes items from the Reading List? I see an option to create a smart rule that adds items to the Reading List but not the opposite.


No, this isn’t possible currently. But shouldn’t the items of a reading list be processed manually?

Is there a way to sort DT3 reading list by date/name/type/other attributes?
I struggle to understand how exactly sorting is done? In my case it is neither by date nor by name or type.

No, you can’t sort the contents of the Reading List.
The items are in order they’ve be added to the Reading List.

What is the fastest way to add an existing item to a reading list? There is no keyboard shortcut or icon that I see for adding to the reading list.

You could add a shortcut to Data > Add To > Reading List in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts.