DT3: Remove linked file from databse, leave in finder

From this post (that I’m told I can’t link to) a-few-questions-re-deletion-and-replication-of-index-item-and-index-group-in-3-0 I understand that deleting linked files in DT3 acts differently from DT2 in that if only a file (rather than a group) is deleted, emptying the DT trash gives only the option of cancelling or permanently deleting (which moves the item to Mac’s trash).

Is there no way to simply remove a link without affecting the file(s)/folder(s) on the Mac? For what it’s worth, the behavior in DT2 which gave the option to delete files, files and folders, or only remove from database is preferable, in my opinion. Reason is that the database is synced with DT to Go and I want to keep that copy fairly slim.

I suppose I could do this by creating a “sync to mobile” database with certain files replicated, but the old DT2 aproach seems cleaner to me.

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Version 3 automatically updates indexed groups/folders in both directions, therefore this isn’t possible as the group/folder wouldn’t be consistent anymore. The required options are only available if the trashed indexed item is not located in an indexed group.

Thank you, now I understand the logic.