DT3 repeating promotional notifications

10 minutes ago, I got a notification for the “One Licence, Three Seats” promotion. I read the article and dismissed the notification.

The notification has just reappeared. What’s going on here?

(And also, where can I find the option to disable promotional notifications while retaining other notifications? If they’re going to be intrusive, I want to turn them off.)

Are you referring to a message showing up in Notification Center?

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Yes, that’s right.

It doesn’t usually repeat them 10 minutes after they’ve been dismissed, but this one did.

This is the only report I’ve seen on this.
Let us know if it recurs at some point.

I received the notification 3 times and I noticed that the one before also came in 3 times. I’ll attach a screenshot.

BTW: The promotion for the three seats is only available for new buyers, not for loyal (;-)) customers, right?


I think this may be a report on the same issue.