DT3: Resize, shrink, change icon size, font size of Sorter

This has been asked before back in '09 however it no longer seems to work.

Am looking to change the size of the Sorter itself (ie. font). Updating the Editing preferences changes the font size of the editing pane which is good, however the sorter itself font size does not changes.
Neither the General or the Editing preferences change the font size. Perhaps i am missing something?

My eye sight isn’t as good as it should be so need a larger font (ie. 18+).

No, it’s currently not possible to change the font or attributes of text in the Sorter. Development will have to assess this. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Just wanted to add my vote for the ability to make DTP3 Sorter icons bigger. On a 4k or 5k screen, it’s really easy to drag a file into the wrong destination. Thanks for considering my request.


This is a problem for me right now. Because for some reason the sorter has switched to something like a 36pt font for things clipped from Safari. I have restarted the app, looked for settings to change or set font… all to no avail.

Were you clipping rich text content previously?

I don’t know. Maybe a few days ago. Is there away to set the font that I am missing…

You can select the text in the Sorter, press Command-T to open the Font panel, and change the font parameters.

Thanks. I had tried that. The dialog that pops looks to be a child of the DevonThink main window and doesn’t come to the foreground. Not sure if that is a bug or not.