DT3 - Search results from Pages files not hi-lighted

Is there a known limitation with .pages files that the search results can’t be hi-lighted in the DT3 viewer unlike rtf, text and so on?

Pages files aren’t text-based so you only get a QuickLook view. If you switched to View > Document Display > Text Alternative search hits would be highlighted but this requires making the change of display.

Thanks, Text Alternative works fine. Alas, it’s not sticky, think it’s bug in DT3, could you save this setting in the prefs so next time I launch it’s on by default, thx?

@cgrunenberg would have to assess the feasibility of this, especially as it’s potentially more far reaching than just Pages files.

Yes understood, but in most cases if doing searches across huge documents, finding the hits are important and with no hints in the window you need do look around. If someone wants to set the mode to text only, then it’s a decision they want to have to stick around – very common with most menu-based option settings anyway in most apps.

The setting isn’t sticky currently as it’s rarely used on demand. We might change this though.

Thanks, yes I use it a lot as I’m doing across Docs/Excel/Pages/Numbers et rest searches and I want to see the hi-lighted search results visually.