DT3 Server Port Forwarding

Unable to access a database outside the LAN.

Going to ATT’s site to configure the gateway settings after reading the instructions from DT’s help menu.

See images below. (Sorry, I’m a new user so only one image is allowed. Weird since new users are probably the people who need the most help no?)

Right away you can see that the terminology from the help menu and the gateway settings are not the same. (“Public IP”, “Public Port”, “Private IP”, “Private Destination Port”, etc are nowhere to be found). So I don’t know which is which or what goes where.

It seems very straight forward since there aren’t a lot of settings to play with.

Any help would be appreciated.

FYI - I was able to login to the database from inside my LAN via my browser (Safari).

I figure I can add images here:

That is just defining the port that Devonthink uses

Somewhere in the menus (maybe under Advanced?) should be a way to forward Devonthink/Port 8081 to the intranet/local IP address of the computer running DT3 (probably something like 192.168.1.*). To clarify - this should usually be done by accessing the menus in your router.

I couldn’t find anything under the advanced menu. See attached. I did find something related in the firewall status menu but I don’t know what those port numbers are related to. See image attached in a separate reply.

Thanks for your help.

BTW, I think the information doesn’t match the headers. “Port Number” is under “protocol” and the IP is under “Port Number”.

Port 8080 is now going to IP address now that the firewall access is approved. That is most likely the public IP address for your router.

Somehow you nee to find where in your router you can assign the specific intranet address for your actual computer to the port so your router knows to route that traffic to your computer.

If your router does not support this, then you may need a different router.

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Try going to this help site for AT&T: https://www.att.com/support/article/u-verse-high-speed-internet/KM1010280

Click on the blue down arrow shown here, and select your router model:

The screenshots you’re using look like the instructions for the Pace 5268AC, but you should choose your exact model. You should see something like this:

You may or may not need the user-defined application section. See if these instructions help.

I thought assigning it to my specific computer was all done from the beginning of the set up. Step 1 is choosing the specific device on the network.

That relates to your firewall.

You need to find a section instead on port forwarding. Not “firewall port forwarding.”

When I go to the instructions on how to do port forwarding for my router (as per the reply to my post from WMC) there is no such thing as “firewall port forwarding” and “port forwarding”. The instructions clearly state to go to the firewall settings to begin the port forwarding process. Heck, the words “port forwarding” never show up during the process.

I appreciate your help. But this is too complicated. No wonder this awesome piece if software isn’t that well known. It’s an internet connected world. It’s not the 80’s anymore.

With a Verizon router you could do this in 5 minutes with no prior knowledge.

It’s not complicated - your router makes it needlessly complicated.

It’s not complicated but since this is the router I have, it is complicated. :slightly_smiling_face:

What is your router model? Did you find it on the AT&T site above?

You can set up the web server without port forwarding using the Hamachi VPN (free for up to 5 users):


Well this looks very interesting. Thank you!

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I did.
Pace Plc 5268AC
Followed the instructions but still no go.

Thank you.